8 Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire in May

Total of 34 Palestinians – including nine children – have been killed in 2017, same report finds Eight Palestinians were killed -- including three children -- and another 580 injured by Israeli gunfire in the occupied Palestinian territories in May, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ...


  • Egypt: Rab’a... massacre of the coup
    Egypt: Rab’a... massacre of the coup

    Still continuing violations

  • PA arrests
    PA arrests

    Arrests do not stop in the Palestinian Authority area

  • Yemen war
    Yemen war

    More than 10 thousand victims of the outcome of the war in Yemen

  • Aleppo ..
    Aleppo ..

    Destroyed by the Syrian regime and the Russian bombardment

  • Gaza blockade lifted the poverty rate to 65%
    Gaza blockade lifted the poverty rate to 65%
    Israel has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip since mid-2006
  • In Lebanon
    In Lebanon

    Most of the Syrian refugees are living below the poverty line

  • Khan Sheikhoun ...
    Khan Sheikhoun ...

    Dozens Dead from Chemical Exposure in Syria
    Exposure after Aircraft Attacked  the Town of Khan Sheikhoun.... April 2017

  • Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners
    Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners

    The health of the 1,600 hunger striking Palestinian prisoners is in danger .... May 9, 2017

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Our Channel on YouTube
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Domestic Workers Trapped, Exploited and Abused in the UAE
The Truth About Refugees

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The Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK is a non-governmental organization established to promote human rights culture in the world and to advocate human rights in general and the rights of the Arab citizens in particular .

 The Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK believes that transparency and plainness  in work are among the most important pillars of humanitarian  work. It permanently strives to publish facts in full   whatever painful they are  in an independent and impartial manner.